Pete & Izzie's Social Club

Jul 17, 2023

Introducing Tails and Paws Blog Features 

Capturing endless amount of pets we are bound to meet some really cool and amazing humans who have opened successful businesses inspired by.. yes you guessed it.. their PETS!

Today we have a very special feature of a beloved pet parent and business owner. We want to share her story and give you a glimpse of how Pete and Izzie's Social Club came to life. From a huge career path change to how important your energy has to be in order to work with dogs, read all about Beth and her amazing grooming business below and don't forget to click on her website and social media accounts to check out all her amazing and adorable clients!

First, tell us about a little bit about you and what Pete and Izzie's Social Club is all about?

"Hi, my name is Beth and I'm the owner and lead groomer at Pete & Izzie's Social Club located in Oakland Park, FL. Most people think I'm Izzie and my husband is Pete but really Pete and Izzie are my dogs. Izzie is a 13 year old Maltese and Peyton, or as his friends call him, Pete, is a Powder Puff Chinese Crested-ish Mix. We rescued Pete about 8 years ago.I have been a groomer for a little over 3 years and I opened Pete & Izzie's Social Club in October of 2021."

We are big rescue dog lovers so hearing how inspirational your pups are makes us feel closer to your story. Now, can you share what led you to choose this path?

"I had been a sales person for my entire adult career life. I have always loved building relationships with my clients, being an integral part of growing a business and being the face of a company. In 2020, as a result of COVID, I was laid off from my company and was left to do some serious soul searching. Although I always loved being in sales, I just couldn't see myself being a sales girl for the next 30 years. I needed to find something that made me feel challenged but also something I was genuinely excited about.
I was lucky to have a very comfortable and almost kindred-spirit relationship with my dogs' groomer, Maria. Her and I were just randomly talking one day and she said as she was nearing retirement it was her dream to teach and potentially sell her grooming business. Almost instantly my wheels started turning.  I thought, well I love dogs, grooming can't be THAT hard and being a business owner would fulfill a lifetime goal of mine.
My husband and the rest of my family were instantly on board and supportive with my career change and excited to see me following my dreams!
I will say I was totally wrong about learning grooming. Grooming is not easy at all! From learning the actual technical skill, to the extreme physical toll on your body, to the spiritual, energy based connection that animals feel, it was and continues to be a big learning curve. Every dog is so different that you have to be creative in almost every aspect of the grooming process to ensure the best experience.
The most rewarding part, so far, is just seeing your vision come to life! I took an empty, not very pretty store front, and turned it into a happy, colorful, dog-filled, thriving business. It certainly didn’t happen overnight and there were, and still are, many sleepless, stress-induced nights but it’s happening! I keep showing up every day and my incredible clients are following!
I have had my hands on every single aspect of the business and I’m often amazed how things have worked out. Grateful is the biggest word that comes to mind. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do this every day!"

We can definetly relate to changing career paths and following your heart since its pretty much how Tails and Paws Photography happend as well.

Thinking long-term, where do you see yourself and your business/organization in 5

"In the next few months Pete & Izzie’s will be expanding! I have taken over the unit next door and will be growing our grooming services by hiring additional groomers and welcoming more dogs to the Social Club! 

I would definitely like to see Pete & Izzie’s continue to grow! In the next 5 years I see us with multiple locations or further expanding our existing space. At the moment I’m focused on offering the absolute best grooming experience and hiring the most passionate and inspired groomers. I would like to see the focus be more on grooming than the socializing/daycare but I also believe that the universe has a bigger plan. So I plan to keep showing up every day with an open, curious and grateful heart and we’ll see where that take us."

We are so excited and happy for your expansion and can;t wait to see all your short-term and long-term goals come true!

Please share with us any fun fact or life changing experience

"I am really big on the energy that we put out into the world. Your thoughts and actions are contagious. Dogs definitely absorb and feel what we feel. I strive daily to create a joyful and peaceful environment for my clients. I think it’s important to not take on too many dogs during the day and stay constantly aware of how you’re feeling. If you’re stressed the dogs feels that. If you’re happy and enjoying what you’re doing, then they feel that too!
I am also a Reiki practitioner so I’m often taking a little extra time with the pups to provide energy healing. It’s incredible to see how the dogs positively respond to Reiki!"

Tails and Paws Photography

Lastly, share with us what a perfect day with your pet looks like (favorite location, activity or travel spot)

"A perfect day with Pete & Izzie… well, is it totally cheesy to say that any day that I get to spend with my doggies is a perfect day!? My dogs are a little bit on the lazy side so the perfect day with them would probably consist of a short little walk so they can sniff around, relaxing on a blanket in a shaded, breezy spot and then snuggling up on the couch to binge something on TV. They really are the best snugglers ever! Izzie would probably say, lots of treats too!"

Location: Pete & Izzie’s Social Club is located at 3865 Powerline Rd, Oakland Park, FL 33309
Website for more info:
Facebook & Instagram: @peteandizzies